Comprehensive mental health services for inpatient health facilities

Providing comprehensive mental healthcare to patients is crucial to providing the highest quality care possible, and it doesn’t need to be a challenge.

Proactive mental health

You’ve seen this repeatedly. Acute medical illness and trauma have a serious effect on patient mental health, which can delay care and drive up costs. Patients often return to acute care and drive an elongated length of stay.

Addressing mental health has direct ties to enhanced clinical outcomes, decreased length of stay, decreased costs of care, and reduced staff burnout and turnover.

Through our proactive approach, we provide comprehensive mental health services to health systems and long-term acute care facilities to ensure all patients have access to mental healthcare for the length of their stay.

We do it differently

  • A proactive approach to patient care: screening for incoming patients and developing a tailored care plan based on need in order to ensure successful patient outcomes.
  • Comprehensive approach to mental healthcare − not just medication.
  • Provide integrated mental health services, such as testing for capacity and assessment of neurocognitive damage, which help your staff with disposition and discharge planning.

Fully Integrated Behavioral Health Partner

We manage our own provider base, handle our own billing, and develop an integrated approach with your facility to ensure patient needs are addressed. We are an integrated 24/7 partner for your facility that is committed to helping your patients succeed.

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