Proactive mental healthcare

We know the challenges of delivering inpatient mental health care from years of clinical experience in the acute care setting – recruiting providers, low to negative margins, competing clinical priorities.

More for your facility, patients and staff:

As a result of these pressures, most facilities take a reactive approach to mental healthcare, resulting in:

Delays in care due to noncompliance

Extended length of stay and repeat admissions

Increased burden on clinical and nursing staff


Increased costs of care related to avoidable labs, imaging, and medications

Our carefully selected counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and psychologists provide mental health services, inclusive of neurocognitive testing, therapy, counseling, and medication management. Our team provides diagnostic clarity and puts patients at ease throughout their hospital stay.

All providers are contracted with IPS based on their experience within mental health and dedication to patient care.

The result? Better patient outcomes, less stress on your providers and support staff, and reduced complications that extend length of stay.