A unique service model

Integrated Psych Solutions uses a proactive comprehensive clinical model focused on treating all aspects of patient mental health and streamlining care across your facility.

Combining three key aspects of mental health:

By proactively screening all patients, we assess, identify, and provide support for mental health issues early in the admission.

We use a three-pronged approach to transform a facility’s traditional mental health capabilities from a reactive to a proactive and integrated framework.

An integrated care model

IPS is a true clinical partner in your facility working with your providers on the floor to provide the optimum level of care. We offer the following treatment options to patients:

New patient screening / intake evaluation

Talk therapy 

Neurocognitive testing 

Medication management

Neurocognitive testing

Assess level of neurological damage associated with medical illness and trauma

  • Quantify scale of potential brain impairment
  • Guide facility on how best to interact with and place patient
  • Provide diagnostic clarity (i.e. dementia, substance abuse, IQ, delirium, etc.)
  • Assess capacity – determine decision making ability

Medication management

Assess and treat psychological illness and symptoms associated with medical illness and trauma

  • Sleep issues
  • Response to trauma
  • Agitation & aggression
  • Anxiety & depression

Counseling/talk therapy

Provide counseling and patient mental stay

  • Help patient process trauma and adapt to new normal
  • Guide patient through care journey and teach coping skills
  • Keep patients calm without relying on pharmaceutical methods
  • Help manage concerned families

Fully Integrated Mental Health Partners

We manage our own provider base, handle our own billing, and develop an integrated partnership with your facility to ensure patient needs are addressed. We are an integrated 24/7 partner for your facility that is committed to helping your patients succeed.

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